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Upgrade Your Home Wiring in Houston, TX

Sometimes a perfectly gorgeous home just needs a little renovation “love” to be the best it can be. Let E3 Electric be your whole house rewire company In Houston, TX when safety and strict adherence to code is your goal. We’re the gold standard in rewiring for Houston and all of southern Texas!

There are many good reasons to prioritize the rewiring of your home. Here are some examples:

  • =Ensure that your entire residence is up to code.
  • =Knowledge that some of the wiring is frayed.
  • =You plan on adding major new appliances.
  • =You’re installing a backup generator.
  • =Safety is your number one concern.

Let a certified professional do all the work safely, and accommodate your budget. At E3 Electric you’ll receive the finest customer service available anywhere!

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Hire Us for Your Electrical Wiring Services in Houston, TX

E3 Electric has been in business since 2003 serving your community proudly. Our technicians are clean, neat, organized, and professional. We don’t take undue credit for our reputation in Houston. We’re well aware that our certified, licensed experts are responsible for a large portion of our good name!

You can expect the highest level of courtesy from our team members when they arrive on the job. They’ve seen just about every variant of residential wiring there is and they’ll arrive with all the requisite parts and materials in the service vehicle. Many of our customers have been pleasantly surprised by our ability to accommodate modest budgets. Your newly rewired home is closer to completion than you think! Just call E3 Electric for your important electrical wiring services In Houston, TX to take the first step.


Best in Class Electrical Work

We’ll say it again: The safety of your home is of paramount importance. We’ll take every precaution to rewire your home to code and with top quality materials. When you hire our whole house rewire company in Houston, TX we give our full attention to your home no matter how simple or complex the job. E3 Electric technicians start off with a clear understanding of your rewiring needs and the potential power requirements of your property.

We will also lay out a clear timeline of the phases of the project so that you’ll have the least amount of downtime. We feel certain that you’ll appreciate the professionalism of our technicians who always respect the sanctity of your home and leave a tidy work area. Your whole house rewiring electrician will do the job right the first time by assessing all aspects of the project before it begins!

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Houston’s Leading Residential Electrical Repair, Inspection & Installation Service

Recognized as one of the most client-focused, detail-oriented electrical firms in South Texas, E3 Electric is passionate about quality

Servicing Houston’s Residential Electrical Needs Since 2003

As a full-service Houston electrical contractor, E3 Electric offers a spectrum of electrical services for all your residential electrician needs. We have been delivering superior results since 2003 in electrical system design and installation. If you’re looking into upgrading or expanding your property’s electrical system, troubleshooting and diagnosing problems, and completing routine and emergency repairs we have the experience to make your next project a success.

  • =All of our electricians are well trained and highly educated.
  • =We can take on both commercial and residential jobs.
  • =Available 24/7 for all of your electrical needs.

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