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Every homeowner wants to protect their home, and one way you can do this is by ensuring your home’s electrical system is up to date and can handle your power needs. For some individuals, the realization that something is wrong with their electrical system comes after normal business hours. The E3 Electric technicians in Hedwig Village are available around the clock so you can count on us when emergencies happen.

Why Call Our Hedwig Village Emergency Electrician Company?

The technicians working with our company are all licensed, insured, and bonded to give you peace of mind. They understand the urgency that comes with having to call Hedwig Village home electricians for an emergency. They’ll come out swiftly to handle any electrical needs you have.

We’ve served the area for more than 15 years as a top residential home electrician in Hedwig Village. On top of emergencies, we also handle jobs involving:

  • =Surge protectors
  • =Backup generators
  • =Rewiring
  • =Inspections of electrical systems
  • =Installation of outlets and LED lighting
  • =Installation and inspection of electrical panels
  • =Installation of electrical elements, including ceiling fans
  • =Outdoor lighting

Working with the Best

E3 Electric is the premier electrical company in our area. Our customers know they can count on us for top-notch service for every job. We focus on safety first and treat each job with ultimate care. As one of our customers, you may enjoy these benefits:

  • =We can perform an evaluation of electrical systems in home to determine how they will handle the power needs of your lifestyle. We’ll work with you to ensure your electrical systems and other electrical components can work safely.
  • =We offer an infrared survey of your home’s electrical panel. This free service is meant to ensure that your home’s electrical hub is in good condition, and it enables us to find potential problems quickly.
  • =We fully stock our vans with components supplies and tools that we need for the vast majority of jobs. This greatly reduces the instances in which we have to leave a job to go get items, so you can have faster service.
  • =Highly-trained and capable electricians who keep your home clean and clutter-free.
  • =We take on all electrical jobs, regardless of size. Our technicians will wire a new construction, rewire an existing home, install a single outlet, or anything in between.

You just have to let us know what you need done and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Our Hedwig Village home electricians are prepared to handle your home’s emergency electrical situations. Just give us a call at 713-622-1222. We’re available around the clock and are ready to come out to your home.


{Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Zia Construction Group, LLC.
{OUTSTANDING. Sums it up. Our manufacturing plant was dead in the water. I spoke with Mark and he pulled a technician off of another job and sent him over to us. This was the FIRST time I had ever contacted this company. They will be our #1 electrician from now on. WAY TO GO! Customer service the way it should be.
{E3 Electric came out and helped me run wire for a new hot tub. We had to pull a new 50 amp circuit from my main panel to a sub-panel 60' away. E3 was very professional and took the time to do the job right. They installed the sub-panel and ran all new wire and the hot tub works fabulously. If you are looking for a great, professional residential or commercial electrician or electrical contractor in Houston, E3 is a great choice.

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